Dental emergencies do not look for a particular time or day. They just occur and make people look for a dentist in their area. People who haven’t experienced it may not know how it feels. But it is an important thing to do as it may happen to anyone. So, before looking for emergency dental care in St Johns, you should know how to identify it.

Here are 6 alarming signs showing you need immediate dental care:


A mild toothache may seem normal to you, but it is also a sign of something fishy taking place inside your dental structure. It is a thing of common sense. Why would there be pain if everything is alright? So, this is the time when you know you should look for a dentist nearby without further wasting time as that’s the only place to seek solution.

An abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth is a troublesome tooth with a pocket of pus hinting towards a severe infection. This may cause unbearable pain that persists until you reach out to a dental clinic for emergency dental care. Being one of the most painful dental conditions, abscessed teeth require proper diagnosis and treatment to solve the problem.

A broken tooth

You are not at fault if you’re left with a chipped tooth following an injury. But you will be making a grave mistake by not doing something about it. Emergency dental care can save your tooth or at least avoid a bigger problem.

Exposed nerves

In case you experience discomfort every time you sip a coffee or drink, you should know the reason behind this. Most probably, the problem is because of an exposed nerve in a tooth that doesn’t let you sip your favourite drink, or even take a deep breathe in some cases. And, it is just the right time to look for emergency dental care and schedule an appointment.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can be there for a variety of reasons including pregnancy, injury, brushing too hard, inflammation, and plaque. The most common reason is the build-up of tartar and plaque. Whatever the reason is, you should never ignore bleeding gums and reach out to a dentist immediately to detect the reason and receive quality treatment.

A missing crown

Losing a crown may seem mysterious at first but you should quickly move out of that state of confusion and make a call to your dentist for emergency dental care. As soon as you notice it, you should get it replaced on priority.

The bottom line

Getting emergency dental care at the right time may help save a tooth. Although the options like Bridges, Implants, and dentures are always there, they cannot compensate for a natural tooth. In addition, it eliminates pain and discomfort while reducing the possibilities of infections.

In case you’re looking for emergency dental care in St Johns, reach out to us today.