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Panoramic and CBCT X-Ray

Get Panoramic X-Ray and CBCT Scan Done with Summerville Dental

Dental imagining is key to accurate patient diagnoses and optimal dental care. At Summerville Dental, we understand the importance of high-quality, detailed dental images when it comes to providing better dental care to patients in St. John’s, NL. We have all the modern dental X-ray equipment, including the latest Panoramic Dental X-ray and Cone Beam Scan, at our clinic, which allows us to diagnose patients correctly and provide or recommend the right treatment.

Our X-ray machines require minimum radiation doses compared to regular X-ray machines. Our state-of-the-art facilities are one of the reasons we are a leading dental clinic in the area, providing world-class dental services to patients. Should you need to get dental X-rays or CBCT scans in St. John’s NL, feel free to visit us at our clinic, and our staff will get it done in our comfortable and relaxing setting in the best manner possible.

What to expect during Panoramic X-Ray at Summerville Dental

Panoramic X-ray, otherwise known as panoramic radiography, is a two-dimensional dental x-ray examination that captures the entire dental structure, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding bones, and tissues, in a single picture.

When you visit us for a panoramic X-ray, our dental professional will ask you to sit in the center of the X-ray machine. Then, they will place a piece of plastic inside your mouth and ask you to bite down on it. Next, they will take multiple pictures from different angles to accurately diagnose your condition.

What to Expect During Cone Beam Scan at Summerville Dental

When you visit us for a CBCT scan, you will be asked to sit comfortably and keep your head still while an x-ray arm rotates around your head. Our dental expert may also ask you to place your head against the machine or use stabilizers in or around your ear to keep your head still. Once the arm scans the dental structure, you can wait till the results are printed.

Regardless of which procedure you want, rest assured that our staff will pay special attention to you and make you feel comfortable throughout your procedure.