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Braces and Invisalign

Invisalign® & Braces For Straighter Teeth

Always wished for a healthier, straighter smile but a number of concerns holding you back from getting your teeth straightened? At Summerville Dental, our orthodontist will put your worries to rest! We will make your dream of flashing a confident smile come true.

In addition to improving your smile’s aesthetics, straightening your teeth comes with multiple benefits. It reduces the likelihood of cavities, gum diseases, and also slows down the gradual decay of your teeth. Also, maintaining your pearly whites becomes easier.

People mostly choose braces to correct crowding issues, underbites, and crooked teeth. We offer a number of teeth straightening options at our St. John’s facility. From braces to Invisalign, our staff can help you pick the right treatment option for you.

Invisalign® In St. John’s

Invisalign® is an excellent alternative to traditional metal braces for those who have second thoughts about metal wires and bands. They are perfect for professionals on the lookout for invisible, removable options that make caring for their teeth easy and convenient.

Moreover, you may not be required to even change your diet to prevent damage to the aligners since they can be taken out during meals. Your friends, family, and co-workers may never get to know that you’re wearing them unless you point it out!

Invisalign® Procedure In St. John’s

Invisalign® consists of a series of customized, clear aligners that are fitted to your teeth in order to straighten them gradually. This requires fewer office visits than traditional braces. Invisalign® systems have become an extremely popular option since the entire procedure is pretty quick. Moreover, these are customized especially to suit the frame of your mouth.

During your initial appointment with our orthodontist, they will carefully inspect your teeth to ascertain whether you’re a potential candidate for this procedure. They will also ask you a number of questions to get a better understanding of your expectations. Many people may get better results from other types of teeth alignment processes and if Invisalign® is not suitable for you, the orthodontist will walk you through your other options.

If you are a candidate for Invisalign® at our St. John’s facility, the molding process will begin! This step involves digital scans, and x-rays of your mouth – all of which will be helpful in developing the right model of aligners to fit your teeth. These details are then sent to the lab wherein your custom aligner trays are made.

Once the trays are prepared, it’s installation time! Small attachments will be fitted on your mouth to hold the aligner in place. The orthodontist will also explain the after-care process so that you can care for your pearly whites without facing any problems. You will, however, be required to return to the orthodontist for your follow-up appointments who will check whether they fit properly. This will kickstart your journey towards healthier, straighter teeth.

Affordable Braces

Braces are super-effective when it comes to aligning teeth. Many straightening procedures are not effective at closing wide gaps between teeth. Moreover, Invisalign® may not work on severely misaligned ones. In such cases, you can always sign up for affordable braces to straighten them.

At Summerville Dental, we will ensure that you receive proper guidance on how to care for your braces so that you experience minimal discomfort. To know about the options available for you or for your child, call us or book an appointment today at (709) 738-3384.