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Crown and Bridges

Restore Your Smile and Oral Health with Dental Crown and Bridge Treatment

Dental crowns and bridges are the most common dental procedures that help restore teeth that are damaged beyond repair or missing. A crown restores the strength and stability of a tooth, while a bridge is a series of crowns that bridge the gap created by a broken or missing tooth. So, they are more or less the same thing; however, both are used for different purposes.

Dental Crowns

At Summerville Dental, we recommend dental crowns when we diagnose that your tooth damage is beyond repair with other dental procedures, such as tooth filling, inlays, and others. This prevents extracting your tooth and involves placing a cap on the top of the tooth. However, when the top of the tooth is severely damaged, placing a cap becomes challenging. In those cases, we may place a post inside the tooth to form a peg on top and provide a seat for the crown. Note that post crowns have a shorter lifespan than regular crowns, so you will need a dental cap replacement after a few years.

Dental Bridge Treatment

Dental bridges for missing teeth are ideal when your tooth is either missing or needs to be extracted because of a fracture. Dental bridge treatment bonds the crown together, bridging the gap and restoring the dental structure. With a custom dental bridge, it is possible to replace a broken or missing tooth without going for a dental implant or denture. To fix the bridge structure, our dental professionals file down teeth on both sides of the gap.

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